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Recipe: Lusknikn, Mi’kmaq bannock Lusknikn – Mi’kmaq bannock Many of you may have heard of bannock before, but not everyone knows Mi’qmaq ate lusknikn (sounds like loose-skin-agin). Greased baking dish...

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie w/ Whiskey Cream Cheese and Candied Pecans

These Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Filled with Whiskey Cream Cheese and Candied Pecans will certainly wake up your taste buds and warm your soul. The...

Recipe by Chef Michael Boyd

Colcannon A classic Irish dish and an excellentupgrade to every day mashed potatoes 600 g Russet potatoes6 tbsp Butter3 Cups Thinly shredded cabbage1/4 Cup Sliced green...

Recipe with Danial Flight

Cilantro and Lime Chicken The recipe was provided by Danial Flight, commercial cooking instructor at Burin campus. 4 Chicken Breast2 Limes2 Green Onion 1 bunch Cilantro1...

Recipes by Roger Andrews

Land and Sea Chowder Delicious Land and Sea Chowder from Chef Roger Andrews 125 g Bacon5 g Minced Garlic454 g Butter125 g Onion125 g Celery225 g...

Recipes By D’Arcy Butler

Chocolate Mousse Heavy glass or stainless steel bowlSmall potSmall bowl 2 Eggs4 oz Semi-sweet bakers chocolate8 fluid oz Whipping cream I begin by place a heavy glass...

Recipes by Aaron McInnis

Homemade Pan Release (Goop) Bowl 1 cup Flour1 cup Shortening1 cup Oil Place all three ingredients in bowl and mix until completely homogeneous and smooth.The three ingredients...

Three course farm to table meal

These recipes were created by Chef Katie Hayes, CNA’s Cultural Culinary Arts & Tourism instructor at Bonavista campus. She is also the owner and...

‘Tis the baking season

Need a show-stopping dessert recipe to impress guests or just satisfy your sweet tooth over the Christmas period? We’ve got you covered! Check out...

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
If you are a chocoholic and enjoy a rich fudgy chocolate cookie, this is a real treat! it has the best of both worlds – gooey chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar.
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Five-star Bars
Whether you want to indulge in sweet cookies with your tea or you want the perfect cookie for the holidays, this delightful old-fashioned Five-Star Bar recipe is a must-try.
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