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Meet our students: Chris

Meet Chris, a first-year Software Development (Co-op) student from Newfoundland.

Q. Chris, why did you choose your field of study and to come to CNA?

Ever since I was three years old, I’ve been a huge gamer, almost always playing games daily with friends or by myself. When I learned that people get paid to make video games for a career, my future path was decided right then and there. As I got older, I realized what coding and software development could do and the creative freedom it gave users, which fueled my want to learn more. Originally, I attended MUN for almost two years, but it just wasn’t my style, which led me to transfer over to CNA. CNA has been a wonderful experience overall, with me making great friends in the program, and learning in-depth ways to code and develop. Whether you wish to create websites, work for small- or large-scale tech companies, or develop your own games, CNA’s Software Development program is a fantastic place to start.

Q. What are your thoughts about attending the Energy NL 2024 Conference?

The Energy NL Conference was a fantastic opportunity and wonderful experience that showed me the strides our province is making for cleaner and safer energy, alongside opening more job opportunities for people. The networking between companies and the talks I had with people at booths set up alongside the conference helped me learn more about potential future employers, as well as showing me the strides they themselves have taken to improve their own energy consumption and use.

Q. What are your career aspirations?

As big or crazy as it might sound, my number one aspiration as a software developer is to start my own game development studio. With a close friend enrolled in CNA’s Video Game Art and Design program, the two of us share a dream of creating our own game studio, with our respective programs potentially making this dream a possibility.

Thank You to EnergyNL and this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Sponsors

The Energy NL 2024 conference underscored the vital importance of nurturing the next wave of energy professionals today. Diversity and inclusion are key to spurring innovation, solving the world’s complex energy problems, and ensuring a sustainable and inclusive industry powered by our brightest minds. College of the North Atlantic would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Diversity and Inclusion sponsors from industry for their commitment to the next generation of energy leaders and for making this experience possible for our students.

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